The project is led by Queen Mary University of London under the direction of Professor Yang Hao and hosted by the Antennas & Electromagnetics Research Group.

The team comprises three strong research groups from the fields of physics, materials, electronic engineering and computer science, with international reputations in computational electromagnetics, materials science, computer optimisation and antenna and microwave devices. 

The research team is composed of:

Lead academics: Prof. Yang Hao – Professor of Antennas and Electromagnetics, Prof. Martin Dove – Department of Physics, Prof. Mike Reece – Head of the Functional Ceramics Group, Dr. Haixue Yan – senior lecturer in functional materials, Dr. Flynn Castles – lecturer in the Antennas and Electromagnetics Group.

Research assistants: Theo Saunders, Hangfeng Zhan, Henry Giddens, Benjamin Vial, Ning Liu, Muhammad T. Nouman

PhD students: Hanchi Ruan, Young-Ok Cha, Yihan Ma, Achintha Avin Ihalage.

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